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5 Ways for How to See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile/Account

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Instagram, shortly called as Insta is a popular social media website designed to share images and videos with friends and family members. It is loaded with many interesting features, which made it popular across social media users.

Instagram being an offspring of Facebook has gained lot of popularity among the crowds. In Instagram, just like Facebook it is possible to view profiles of the other Instagram users. Nevertheless, it is not possible to know who viewed our profile.

Instagram has become a major platform for all the celebrities to connect with their fans. Not just for sharing, Instagram is also being used for various purposes like business, marketing, blogging etc.

 Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile/Account

Why you should know who viewed your Instagram profile?

Stalking is a pretty common thing in social media websites. However, this kind of stalking is not offensive though. If you are on Instagram and wanna know who are viewing your profile often without you noticing it, then you are in the right page. We have come up with this useful article on how to check who viewed my Instagram profile/account.

We are going to tell you about 5 effective ways to check who viewed your profile. Though knowing it won't be of much use, it is somehow necessary to know who is stalking you in good or a bad way. Most of the social media websites do not allow the users to check who viewed their profiles. But there are backdoor ways to know who checked your profile. If you want to know what are the ways, just read on.

5 Ways for How to See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile/Account 

Here most of easy methods which done by some specific apps, Using that you can easily find out who see you Instagram account or who viewed you Instagram story, account and DP.

Method 1 - Follower Insight App

Follower insight app is an app designed especially to know who stalks you or who views your profile. With the help of this app one can easily view who stalks you, follows you, unfollows you or blocks you on Instagram. It will simply sends you the notifications for all the things that are mentioned earlier.

  • The app is very easy to use even for a new user. 
  •  This will help you find who are stalking you, following you or has blocked you on Instagram. 
  • This is the best app you can use to get the list of people who viewed your Instagram profile.

This is simple app no need to follow big Tutoril simply follow below steps and get your result.

Step - 1. Simply download the app from the play store and
Step - 2. Now use it to view your insta profile visitors.
Step - 3. Now You can explore who viewed your Instagram.

The app is a free app and you can download it from the store.

Method 2 - Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile App

If you want to know who viewed your Instagram photos, videos and other stuff, you can simply install this "Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile" app on your device.
  • Yes! It is that easy to know who viewed your Instagram profile if you install this app. 
 Follow some steps which are very easy.

Step - 1. First you need to Visit Google Play store.
Step - 2. Now just search Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

Step - 3. Now simply just download and install it in your mobile.
Step - 4. Once the app is installed on your device,
Step - 5. It will collect all the data in your Instagram page.

After that it will generate a list containing the names of Instagram users who are stalking you or following you in the background. 

You can know who are interested in your stories and images and stuff.  If you like their profile you can add them as a friend or else you can simply block them from viewing your profile thereafter.

Method 3 - Who Viewed My IG Insta Profile App

This is yet another app that allows the user to know who views their Instagram profile. This app works pretty similar to the app we discussed earlier. However, it is not available for download in the play store.

Step - 1. It needs to be downloaded from a private website.
Step - 2. Once you download this app you can easily get access to the profiles of the people who silently viewed your profile or stalking you.
Step - 3. You can find out people who are interested in you and your stories that you share on Instagram.

It will notify the users about the followers who are interested in them. This app is pretty easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Method 4 - Views For Instagram App

This app works an extra mile than the above apps we have discussed. "Views for Instagram" is an app used to track who are stalking you are interested in you. 
  • People who are regularly viewing your profile will fall in the eyes of this app.
  • This app again got the easy user interface. 
  • It is a free app to get from online. 
Similar to the above app you can use it to view the profiles of people who are stalking you or who are interested in you.

Method 5 - SocialPlus App

SocialPlus app is also designed for the same purpose. This app fetches accurate list of profiles that viewed your Instagram profile one or multiple times. People who viewed your Instagram stories will fall in the list generated by the app. The app is available for download online for free.
You can download and install the app on your device and use it to know who viewed your Instagram profile, stories and stuff.

  • This is a best app among the four apps we discussed.
  • This is because it works more accurately than other apps. 
  • You can downlaod this rom any Private website as apk form.

Till date it is used by many Instagram users and the app received very good reviews for its performance. You can definitely give this SocialPlus app a try to know your stalkers and profile visitors.


People who are more popular on Instagram can make best use of these apps to find out their hidden followers and stalkers. If you think that the stalker would harm you, you can block them. If you think that your profile viewer is a good person and find his Insta stories interesting then you can connect with them by texting them.

Mostly all these apps are available on both Google play store and app store. Depending on the type of device you own download the app from the respective app store and get to know your stalkers or people who are showing interest in your insta stories and your profile.

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